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Knowledge and news 1510 ministry of interior and municipalities




The birth of the media center for human development and middle east studies :

The media center for human development and middle east studies was found in accordance with , knowledge and news 1510 , and was signed by the minister of interior and the municipalities on 6/08/2014.

The center was based as its inception , on several considerations that were essential . therefore as a first consideration , comes the scandalous shortage in all informations concerning general humanitarian issues , especially , socially , economically , and cognitively .

Through reconnaissance and observations on facts , locally , as arabs , and internationally , the absence of clear vision and the precise foresight , and the objective awareness(in understanding and explaining these events and facts) , is really noticeable .

Which generated a big drop in the level of awareness , understanding , and the seriousness of the issue . and the media speech got lost between the streams and directions built by improvisations and reactions , and by the submission of the public to that speech , but , by its negative influences and its extreme reactions , which threw this speech in partitions and intense conflicts , where no identification or belonging were found anymore , and fell in the jungle of loss and dispersion , and messed the clear view for a conscious photoreceptor journey.

Knowing that people of the twenty first century have broken down all geographic and political limits and obstacles , the interest of staying on the general track for this world , including all radical or local variables , requires follow up and understanding , because of its influences on general reality for all countries around the world , especially , in the middle east area.

Here , we discover the common point between those variables , and social , intellectual , cultural ,economic , factors in human dimension , and the building of good humans , who should beup to the level of scientific civilizational challenges , acquisition of skills and abilities which help them to be prepared for positive interaction , with the challenges and requirements of our era .

All of this said , the aim of establishing the media center for human development and middle east studies was not simply to add a new name on the associations and companies is more of being a distinction that seeks specific activity , influential work , and the benefit from all existing experiences , and the scientific specialities available .


Looking at the goals and the aims of the media center for human development and middle east studies , our summary for the general principle points that we need to focus on are:

1 . Training courses for skills development such as: Job Skills, leadership skills, educational skills, creativity.

2 . The culture of dialogue and other opinions and raising awareness

3 . Mutual understanding between cultures: understanding them, removing negatives stereotypes.

4 . political influences on communities path in the middle east area and their reflection on development policies in all its dimensions.

5 . Media and setting appropriate proposals to improve its performance in the formation of public opinion and people awareness.

6 . Scientific advices and the language of members.

7 . The establishment of data bank.

The three main aims of the center activity: 


Looking at the actor and influential role of the media throughits different means , and looking at the qualitative deficiencies in formulating a conscious and purposefully speech in virtue of specialization of most of the founders and the participants I this center , media has been given a big deal of importance as a positive interaction and a cooperation with different media though:

a) supply the media , all the important informations , and positive activities speacialised for research efforts and studies.

b) participation in all meetings and informative seminars.

c) organization of meetings and courses preparation, in order to create a strong link between media and all sensitive issues( women , children, human rights , and domestic violence , ect…..).

d)i ssuing of special media materials that adressthe most important issues that are of a certain value for public.

e)specific attention by strengthening the public to do the knowledge society.No doubt that harnessing the polentialof informationand communication technology. In all areas of life , enables now in getting new , better responses for vital issues existing for a while . like reduction of the level of poverty enhances the wealth . as well as equity issues and social justice .Also information and communication technology can play a very important role in achieving international development goals , offering a basic collection of principles , and guidelines to combat against poverty , hunger , sickness , ignorance , environmental deterioration and inequality between the two sexes.


it includes the development of abilities :intellectual , professional , craft , educational , for different sectors in different categories of our society.

Male(teen agers/adults)

Female(teen agers/adults)


Women will be paid a special care relying on her bad position and situation in our oriental society.

The concept of development nowadays kicks off from the belief that , a human is the main actor in pushing the development path forward , being at the same time the purpose of development , its final destination.

Although the developmental act targets this same human in his existence and his value and his perceptions and his environmental relations which he lives within , wether the physical or social environment .

Development is the equal distribution of the income and providing basic services to each and everyone. As well as it is being an active participation for each member of the society in taking the right decisions according to his position and situation and role in this field…

3)middle east studies

it is the production of the importance of common relation between the political environment and the results of economic and social indicators in this era. As there is a relation betweenthe political environment and the investments movement .

there is also a relation between planning and scientific researching of a country , and its economic development.

There is also a relation between the rule of non-economic cultures and the retardation of the social structure , and the high level of illitracy , and the low level of education , and the lateness of the woman , and between difficulties in economic development.

Also these studies do contribute in strengthening the environment to be able to achieve:

a)true democracy that enables participation.

b)encouragement of human rights and human protection.

c)respect of the rules of law.

d)independence of civil society and its effective role in general life.

Also based on concentration on further points:


b)social justice.

c)effectiveness and efficiency.


e)strategic vision.



And the importance of providing the mechanisms for achieving good rule through :

a)true elections

b)the effectiveness of civil society

c)the openness of scientific space and free media

d)the common work between the institutions of civil society and the states intitutions in order to achieve:

                         _sustainable development , law power , and the luxury of the population

e)private sector.


The start of the media center for human development and middle east studies , requires talking about the importance of dealing with non-gouvernmental organizations and civil society organizations as pivotal elements in the formation of information society.

The partenership between civil society components and the political society is considered to be a basic condition to achieve the goals of development in tight of the reality , where the gap between the ability to provide services and growing needs ,especially in developing countries , is widened. What calls for the promotion of citizenship in order to defend public affairs(economical , social , cultural , environmental rights) which is no more limited in the state and its institutions .

So according to this perception the state is transformed to a big coordinator between all society components , and its strength actors , at the level of the participating institutions in the development process at it various levels(civil societies ,cooperatives , unions , municipalities ,local councils , media organizations , studies centers).

Then amongst responsibilities that are suggested on civil society organizations today , is a new culture evolution , based on offering coherent and viable projects for implementation . the defense of these projects , whether within the government circles or within circles of society .

As a resume , the operation of the political development includes 3 main evolutions:

1)rationalization of power

2)differentiation in political functions

3)configuration or preparation for political participation ,so that the public contribution increases wether in terms of the number of shareholders and the scope of their contribution and its field , and the frequency at which it can be repeated , and the appearance of institutions to organize these contributions.

And no doubt that these sides constitute a cumulative effort in terms of the formation of the media speech , and building an information base , and preparation of research work , seminars for the elite , and opinion leaders , and the educated classes in the society..

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